About RCA

RESISTANT CORE, based in Germany, is a young,
revolutionary and anti-babylonian underground hip hop apparel.
It was founded 2013 by Coop Rebel (underground hip hop head,
graphic maker and member of the worldwide
underground hip hop collective Empty Handed Warriors),
proudly designed to defy the world of the mainstream and
its brainwashed zombies around the globe.
RESISTANT CORE represents consciousness and
resistance, defends the culture of real hip hop,
mobilizes the underground community to spread the message,
to revolt against the Babylonian system, to fight its
weapons of mass deception, to boycott swag
and all the bullshit they call hip hop nowadays.
It’s an apparel with a message, no business to get rich!
We don’t give a fuck about commercial
garbage and the shit they tell us every day!
We are underground!
We are the counterculture!
We question everything!
Get militant and use your brain, it’s your resistant core!
Because everything starts in the head!

Brought to you…Alternate Coop Rebel Logo (Signature) © 2014Proud member of the international
underground hip hop collective Empty Handed Warriors.

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